• Sweet Grace Candle - No. 004

Sweet Grace Candle - No. 004

Sweet Grace Collection No. 004 - Bridgewater

Undeniably warm, peaceful and pure, Sweet Grace illuminates with effortless beauty. Full-bodied fruits embrace the heart-warming aroma of sparking tea and patchouli for a heaven sent fragrance formula. Metallic tones glimmer behind a bubbled glass form topped with a metal lid.

Paying tribute to Bridgewater's best-selling fragrance, the Sweet Grace Collection blends the warm comforts of a proven fragrance with decor-focused vessels for a winning combination. Each of the candles in the collection are also a part of the company's "Light a Candle - Feed a Child" program. Each candle sold provides three meals to an orphaned child overseas. The holistic aesthetic of this purposeful collection focuses on soft hues and metallic tones as well as textural detailing and geometric patterning.

Candle Size: 922g

Burn Time:Up to 150 hours