Happy Everything available at Lindale Floral Shop

Happy Everything is a lifestyle brand and designer of really stylish products. Our founding artist Laura Johnson’s motto, “never miss an opportunity to celebrate every day,” has inspired her to 
create pieces that elevate everyday moments with ease. Welcome to the art of celebrating!

Coton Colors consists of three collections for all (and we mean all!) of one’s celebrating 
needs: Dining and Entertaining, Ornaments, and Happy Everything. All three collections are designed to encourage people to celebrate life’s milestones - big and small.
Laura Johnson, an entrepreneurial artisan inspired by the celebrations of her own life, founded Coton Colors in 1995. Influenced by a childhood immersed in the colorful culture of Old Miami and engrained with the Southern charm of her current home in Tallahassee, Laura has created a leading lifestyle brand in the giftware, dining and
décor industries.